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Kruger National Park

Only 65 km from Blyde Wildlife Estate is Kruger Nationalpark, which not without reason is South Africa’s proudest and main visitor attraction. With its 20,000 km ² we are not only talking about the country’s largest safari area, but also the largest game reserve in the world, which can muster the largest concentration of mammals including approx. 8,000 elephants, 2,500 white rhinos, 13,000 gnus and 900 sable antelopes just to mention a few. Here we are talking about the world’s largest interconnected natural areas, where the wildlife can live undisturbed by man under protected conditions.

The state owned part of the park is the size of Jutland, and in the undulating shrub clad terrain and in the open savannahs more than 140 different mammals and 500 bird species are found, and with a bit of luck one can experience ‘The Big Five’ – an old hunting term for elephant, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffalo.

Blyde Restuarant Blyde Restuarant
Blyde Restuarant Blyde Restuarant